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  About Wushu
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One of Tai Chi Chuan schools, founded by Yang Fukui (1800 - 1873) of city of YunLin in the Hubei province, started to teach Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing. In order to adhere to the Ching Dynasty's imperial rule of "non impact royal exercise" and to provide needed health maintenance to the old and weak high-ranking officials, Yang abandoned the legacy of vigorous jumping, and fighting routines. Instead he developed the more serene Tai Chi style of frame and posture. This style has become known as the Yang style Tai Chi form.Later, Yang Cheng Fu (1883 - 1936),grandson of Yang Fukui, solidified the Yang style.

The Yang Style focus on the posture with smooth straight stretches and gentle slow motions. Its moves emphasizes on simplicity and fluidity. Coupled with uniform and continuous motions, the Yang Style is a wholesome structured, complete, smooth, calm and lively but well-balanced solid training forms of Tai Chi Chuan.

Yang Cheng Fu summarized the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan training through 10 essential means:

  • Relaxed soul and firm mind
  • Chest sucked in and back straight
  • Solid hip
  • Balanced motion
  • Crouched Shoulder with outstretched elbow
  • Mind over body
  • Follow through
  • Combined inner and outer strength
  • Perpetual moves
  • Vigor but calm





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