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Rules for International Taolu_bylaw(Chinese&English)
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Rules for International
Wushu Taolu Competition

(Trial Version)

Article 1 Competition Committee
Article 2 Jury of Appeal
Article 3 Composition of Contest Officials
Article 4 Duties of Contest Officials
Article 5 Duties of the Assistants

Article 6 Types of Competition
Article 7 Competition Events
Article 8 Competition Divisions (age limits)
Article 9 Appeals
Article 10 Start-List
Article 11 Registry (Roll-Call)
Article 12 Protocol
Article 13 Timekeeping
Article 14 Display of Score
Article 15 Forfeiture 16
Article 16 Anti-doping Test
Article 17 Placing
Article 18 Applications for the Recognition & Grading of Innovative Movements
Article 19 Other Competition Regulations

Article 20 Criteria & Scoring Methods for Optional Taolu
Article 21 Scoring Methods and Criteria in Dual & Group Events
Article 22 Judges Scores Display
Article 23 Methods of Determining the Actual Points
Article 24 Calculation of the Final Points
Article 25 Scoring Method without the Computer Scoring System
Article 26 Addition and Deduction by the Head Judge

Taolu Competition Rules Bylaw(Chinese and English)



Article 1 Competition Committee

The Competition Committee of the World Championships and the World Cup shall be composed of
wushu experts appointed by the International Wushu Federation and the Organizing Committee.It is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the competitions.

According to the scale of competition, each continental, regional or national federation may form its own Competition Committee to be responsible for all aspects of competition organization in accord with the Organizing Committee.

Article 2 Jury of Appeal

2.1 The Jury of Appeal shall be composed of one (1) chairman, one (1) vice chairman and three (3) to seven (7) members.

2.2 Duties & Responsibilities:
1) To notify a team's appeal and conduct the hearing within the time-limit; however, the scoring results shall not be changed.
2) The decision of the Jury of Appeal is valid only when more than half of its members have voted for it. If it's a tie vote then it shall be decided by a casting vote of the Chairman.A Jury member shall withdraw, if the case is involved with his or her own country or region;and
3) The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.

Article 3 Composition of Contest Officials

3.1 Composition of Judges

1) One (1) chief referee, and one (1) or two (2) assistant chief referees;
2) Each judges group shall consist of ten (10) members: one (1) head judge, three (3) judges in each of group: A, B & C, respectively;
3) One chief for programming and recording; and
4) One chief registrar.

3.2 Composition of Assistants

1) 3-5 programming and recording assistants;
2) 3-6 registrars;
3) 1-2 announcers;
4) 1-2 sound technicians; and
5) 2-4 video recording technicians (to record events for the Jury of Appeal).

Article 4 Duties of Contest Officials

The contest officials shall work under the guidance of the Competition Committee. Their duties are as follows:

4.1 The chief referee shall

1) Organize and lead the work of judges groups to ensure the proper implementation of competition rules, examine and make sure all pre-competition set-up work are carry out;
2) Interpret the rules and regulations but have no right to modify them;
3) Replace officials if necessary, and have the right to take disciplinary action against officials who have committed serious mistakes;
4) To give warnings to athletes and coaches making trouble at the competition site, and may report the matter to the Technical Committee to take disciplinary action, even the cancellation of their results; and
5) Examine and announce the results of competition, and make a summary of the officials' work.

4.2 The assistant chief referees shall

1) Assist the chief referee;
2) One of them shall act on his behalf if Chief Referee is absent.

4.3 The head judge shall

1) Organize his group to review and to implement the officiating rules;
2) To add points for innovative movements with degree of difficulty;
3) To deduct points for repetition and the time limit; and
4) Propose to the chief referee to take disciplinary action against a judge has committed serious mistakes.
5) Participate in B Group judges' evaluation (overall performance).

4.4 The judges shall

1) Dedicate themselves totally when doing their duties assigned by the head judge;
2) Judge independently, according to the rules, and make detailed notes;
3) Group A Judges are responsible for the quality of movement;
4) Group B Judges are responsible for the overall performance; and
5) Group C Judges are responsible for the degree of difficulty.

4.5 The programming & recording chief shall

1) Set-up all works necessary for recording (desk), examine the entry forms, examine the Entries (registry) for Degree of Difficulty in Optional Taolu, prepare the Scoring Forms for judges and head Judges according to the required standards, and lay-out the Competition Programme;
2) Prepare other necessary forms or tables needed to run the competition. Examine and verify the results and placing;
3) Prepare the Competition Results

4.6 The chief registrar shall be responsible for the entire registration, and report to the chief referee and announcers if there are any changes.

Article 5 Duties of the Assistants

5.1 The programming & recording assistants shall respond to the work assigned by its chief.

5.2 The registration staff shall up-date the registrations time-to-time according to the competition order; examine the competitors' apparatuses and costumes; guide the competitors into the competition area; and hand-over the registration forms to the head judge.

5.3 The announcers shall introduce the current competitors to the public; announce their results; and provide useful information regarding the rules and regulations, the characteristics of each taolu event of wushu.

5.4 Sound Technicians shall

1) Collect all music cassettes or CD's from the competitors during the first-registration for events with music, and number them according to the running order;
2) Play the music 3 seconds after the competitor has entered the carpet and get ready to start;
3) After the competition, return all CD's and cassettes to the competitors without damaging,losing, lending or copying them.

5.5 The cameramen shall

1) Film all competition events;
2) Search and replay the videotape when required by the Jury of Appeal;
3) Archive all videotapes according to the competition orders.


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